Winestar® in France

May 29, 2015

The wine regions of France include more than 300 appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) denominations. Every AOC region has a strict set of requirements to ensure they are meeting a high standard of quality and following the traditional methods of their craft.

Winestar’s® primary mission is to make a range of France’s most celebrated wines available to everyone. Our exclusively AOC grade wines come from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Provence, Beaujolais, Loire, Alsace, and Languedoc. Our debut selection comes from south of Bordeaux in the Languedoc region with the Château de l’Ille, a vast domain within the Corbières AOC. This wine has earned over 200 tasting medals in France and internationally.

Our future plan includes an additional French collection called Les Crus Etoilés. These wines will be created using the best varietals from the land (Le Terroir) in which the grapes are grown, combined with the passion of the most respected winemakers from their regions. Winestar’s® canettes will bring immense exposure to these regions, which are considered elite areas of wine production, and we believe that every consumer should enjoy premium wine in an affordable single-serve canette.


Why in a canette?

Winestar’s® aluminum canette has a low carbon footprint throughout it’s life cycle.  It’s 100% recyclable, and its lightweight and compact design, allows you to transport twice as much wine in cans than in bottles for the same weight and volume!

Wine is a sensitive and living product. The special coating on our aluminum packaging perfectly protects the wine against light, humidity and exposure, which can deteriorate the taste and quality. The wines are preserved at full maturity and ready-to-drink.

Without any specific care instructions, wine in canettes can last up to five years without diminishing the integrity of the wine, where as single serve wine in plastic bottles are typically limited to a 6-12 month shelf life.

Our canettes are fitted with an interior lining to protect the wine’s acidity and alcohol from touching the metal.  So your wine will never have a metallic taste and of course, no cork taste either!

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